Cartier Cheich


A unique specimen from the Parisienne house; Cartier and executed in white gold. The Cartier Cheich, known for its four brethren being designed to celebrate the victors of the famous and dangerous rally; The Paris Dakar Rally or 'The Dakar'. Inspired by the Tuareg men's headscarf which also happens to be the logo of the Dakar Rally itself. This difficult and challenging race used to start in Paris, France and would end in Dakar, Senegal. With Paris being the home to the most renowned jewellers in history, Jacques Diltoer (creative director of Cartier), decided to draw up this design. The CEO of this French company, Dominique Perrin, came up with the idea of the "Cartier-challenge". In the unlikely event that someone were to win it back-to-back, he or she was gifted one of these magnificent creations. This incredible feat was only accomplished once and thus there are mere four specimens total in existence: the one won by Rahier, the successor that was crafted in case someone would win consecutive races again, a smaller one with diamond setting for the ladies race and one for Thierry Sabine, the founder of Dakar. Sadly there has never been a second winner of the Cartier-challenge, which seized to exist after Rahier death after a helicopter crash, so the 2 remaining Cheichs reside in Cartiers archive. The one from Sabine is believed to be lost forever. However, there is a fifth one almost no-one knew about. This one. Created for, arguably, the most important collector of white metal Cartiers: Giorgio Seragnoli in 2010 as it also mentions on the case-back. He was lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to bring this stunning design back to live; yet in his personally preferred metal. Sadly mister Seragnoli could never collect the watch due to bankruptcy. However someone lucky got the opportunity to collect this dream creation.

  • extrasPiece Unique
  • year2010
  • modelCheich