Rolex Datejust 1601/8 'Red Jasper'


For many years, Rolex has been using jasper - which is an opaque - as a stone dial option in their line-up. Although it mostly occurs in its dark green variety, this gemstone has many different colours. The less common one is the red variety like the one we have here. This watch is not only special because of the dial, but also because of its case. Stone dials were made for Day-Dates since this model has always been the 'President's watch', the most luxurious and prestigious model. The Datejust was just an entry level model so most people that wanted a stone dial opted for the Day-Date. To have a rare stone dial in a less conventional watch, makes this piece exceedingly rare.

  • extrasRed Jasper Dial
  • year1970
  • reference1601/8
  • modelDatejust