Rolex Datejust 16019 'Wood'


This is stealth-wealth. The Datejust was primarily made in steel as it was and has always been an entry-level model. Therefore, precious metal Datejusts are rare. Especially, the ones made in white gold like this 16019 from 1983. The 16019 was not very popular back in the day, as it looked very similar to an 'ordinary' steel Datejust, yet it required a way larger sum of money. To make it even more low-key, this one was ordered on a white gold Oyster bracelet instead of the more conventional President bracelet. The bracelet alone is exceedingly rare! To spice it up just a little, this beautiful watch has a dial made from dark burl wood that has complex twists, spirals and swirls which give it a unique and mesmerising pattern.

  • extrasWood Dial
  • year1983
  • reference16019
  • modelDatejust