Rolex Day-Date 1804 'Eastern Arabic'


An 1804 is rare on its own, have one in platinum and you have yourself a winning combination. Add some Eastern Arabic numerals and you have yourself a grail of which are only a handful known to exist on this planet. If you pick up this piece you immediately understand you have something special in hand. For starters, by the sheer heft of this watch. As it is made out of platinum it is quite a bit heavier than your average gold Day-Date, up to 35% heavier than gold. The use of the noblest material is something one can expect on such a special order. Furthermore, for religious reasons, some Muslim gentlemen are not allowed to wear gold. The 1804 is par excellence a good fit since it is characterised by its diamond set bezel. The case and bezel are all still extremely sharp. The most important part of this piece is most definitely the Eastern Arabic dial which happens to be concentric and in a great condition. The beautifully aged, lume-plots are mostly still intact. The allure of a rare metal Day-Date -with first series Indic Arabic dial- is undeniable. Only small numbers of these middle-eastern configurations were delivered throughout the sixties and seventies, some on special order for royal families.

  • extras'Arabic'
  • reference1804
  • modelDay-Date