Rolex Oyster Perpetual 'Stelline' 6098


A 'Star Marker' dial or also referred to as a 'Stelline' is a dial that makes every vintage watch collectors' eyes sparkle. Pun intended. What we see here is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual reference 6098. It is the second reference to come out with a 'Star Marker' dial after the 6024. There is one earlier reference 2075 which is rumored to have a prototype 'Star Marker' dial and is owned by the great collector John Goldberger. There are two iterations of the reference 6098, either with a black glossy dial or with a white 'Honeycomb' dial such as ours. There are rumored that only 8 of these white dialed 'Stelline' OP's 6098 exist. So to say this piece is rare, is an understatement. Our watch is from 1953 and is sits in the 36mm Oyster case, same case that was used for the famous reference 6062. It is run by the 'Gilt' caliber A260 automatic movement. Hence the word 'Perpetual'. We at Collectors Gallery Dubai are proud to have sourced such a sought after and legendary piece. Here to offer all of you a glimpse and closer look.

  • extras'Star Marker' dial
  • year1953
  • reference6098
  • modelOyster Perpetual