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Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5065 'Plum Dial'

The steel 5065 with black dial and strap was the first one I ever handled. I have always liked the modern Aquanaut, but the robust, prototype-like design of the 5065 is something else. It's such a bold yet versatile watch; it can be worn sportively as well as casually, and it even works under a suit. It can be very low-key as well as a conversation starter.

This Patek Philippe Aquanaut reference 5065 has a burgundy dial (and matching strap), which is referred to as 'Plum' or 'Prune'. It belongs to a set of four reference 5065s with special colour schemes and only a handful of these sets are around making this watch exceedingly rare. Next to this colour, we know of the existence of a blue one (auctioned by Phillips in 2020) and a green one (in possession of John Mayer).


It was a nice summer night. I remember I was having drinks on one of the many terraces that Amsterdam has. Joined by Rutger and Jasper, we were talking about the partnership between Amsterdam Vintage Watches and Collectors Gallery and how we will take over the watch scene together.

In the middle of our conversation, Rutger got a call. It was a dealer from New York whom we dealt with many times before. He asked whether we would have a client for a 5065 'Prune'. I didn't know what this was, but Jasper remembered that a 'Prune' 5065 got auctioned by Phillips in 2020 and he showed me the pictures. When I saw it, I was sold.

Amsterdam Vintage Watches didn't have a client for it, but I knew that a client of mine would take it for sure. We asked the dealer to send some photos and a price. I sent everything to my client, he wanted it and the deal was done.

When I saw it, I was sold.

The partnership

The watch was in New York, but could be brought to Paris. However, I had to catch my flight back to Dubai. Amsterdam Vintage Watches could pick it up for me and so they did.

Two weeks later Rutger flew to Paris where he met the New York dealer at the Ritz on the Place Vendôme. Their meeting was quick as the dealer was celebrating his birthday. Rutger checked the watch, confirmed everything was correct and closed the deal. Right before Rutger wanted to go, the dealer stopped him and told him he was invited for his birthday.

Later that evening, Rutger went to the party. He couldn't believe what he saw. He arrived at Pavillon Dauphine, a historical and monumental venue in the city centre of Paris. The NY dealer hosted his birthday there and it was crazy to say the least! There was a famous DJ playing and the place was filled with the dealer's friends, business relations and celebrities. Rutger can't remember a lot from that evening (hehe) but fortunately he woke up in his hotel room with the watch still being on his wrist.

To me, this is what it's all about. It's not only about buying and selling rare watches. It's much more about acquiring experiences, going places, meeting new people and enjoying life while doing business together. This story perfectly illustrates how Collectors Gallery and Amsterdam Vintage Watches cooperate. This time they had the watch and I had the client, next time it's the other way around.